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See our EPO Newsletter for this season’s flight schedules from the eight UK airports to Munich. Whether you are attending a hearing at the New EPO in The PschorrHöfe or Isar buildings, or an appeal at Haar*, we can assist you in finding the most convenient hotel. We are very familiar with Munich and have visited it on numerous occasions, although probably a lot less that most of our clients.

Trade fairs and Oktoberfest can mean accommodation in Munich can be difficult to find and very expensive too. We can help locate rooms and offer alternatives to the usual hotels if they have high and restrictive rates (pre-payment with no changes/ refunds permitted).

*EPO Boards of Appeal, Haar

As many of you will be aware, appeals have moved from the old German Patent Office to the suburb of Haar, 22 kms to the east of Munich. The EPO Boards of Appeal building is located 5 mins walk (1 km) from Haar S-Bahn Station. This makes commuting from the Holiday Inn or Hilton near Rosenheim Platz simple, as the train journey is 15 mins (6 stations) and requires no changes, alternatively it is about 25 mins by taxi. There are a number of small and simple non-chain hotels in and near to Haar, but most are tourist grade or motel style and do not compare with the four start establishments most of our clients stayed in back near the river in Munich. The nearest hotel of a quality that we feel would be acceptable (with a decent desk and meeting rooms) is a three star hotel, this is 20 mins walk or 5 mins by taxi to the Appeals Building, also about 30 mins by taxi from the airport.


Are you buying BA’s Economy Class semi-flex air fares, if not why not, as they are dramatically cheaper than flexible Business/ Club Class fares? Once issued there are no refunds, but the good bit is…..on the day of travel for that day’s travel, you can change them free of charge. As long as there is an economy seat you can have it, irrespective of the fare you paid and what is left available. The important details are: it must be changed at least an hour in advance and you cannot swap UK airports. If you find yourself needing to change dates, then that is permitted too, but in this case there is a change fee plus any difference in fare. Most clients are spending £150-450 rtn instead of £800-900 for flexible business/ Club class. We are generally able to hold a provisional booking for up to 72 hours and in that time they can be amended or cancelled for no charge.

Munich Newsletter Summer 2012


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