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Travel insurance

It is advisable to take out travel insurance when air tickets are issued or when the first element is committed to, in which case cover will apply for cancellation or curtailment. We strongly recommend you are also covered for medical expenses and repatriation in the event of accident or illness. There are often limitations on cover for sports and adventurous activities. Trekking, water skiing and riding a motorcycle are some examples. Make sure that the proposed policy will cover these.

For a 10% reduction on comprehensive travel insurance for both single trips and annual policies, use TAR08 as the referral code via the following link to Citybond Suretravel. Note- please only enter the ‘referral’ code once and do not fill in the second lower right box called ‘Discount ref code’, then scroll down for the premium :-


For airport delay info

Travel advice

  • Health – NHS UK, It is also recommended that you seek current advice from your GP or Travel Health Clinic
  • FCO travel advice
  • UK Passport Office
  • US Immigration
  • ESTA electronic authorisation for the US Visa Waiver program
  • Weather, what you would normally expect advice
  • RF Consular Services
  • Tristar Cars
  • Parker Cars
  • Just Valet Parking – Gatwick. For a 20% discount on parking and valet services, quote the code JVPTT20
  • Luggage Mule have your bags delivered for you, cut the stress. Ideal if you have a few destinations to visit before a conference, or are going on a cruise, or want your bike sent out ahead.
  • Gate8-luggage- intelligently designed and slick. Pain free packing and simple access to belongings and documentation during your trip. The CAPSUL8 currency and passport wallet is a very simple, clever and useful design, they also have various carry-on luggage options.
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