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We have extensive experience in putting together extended trips. There are some specialist travel firms who focus on gap year students looking for the best deal to the ‘hot’ new place around the globe. Our clients tend to be different to this, many are taking a sabbatical for a few months and want to cram in a trip with their family, others are looking for a year long trip around the world as part of ‘changing gear’ in their life.
There are numerous Round the World fares (RTW) with a number of airline alliances, which is mine field in itself. Each group has many fares for travel in each cabin, some are focused on the number of flight you buy, some the number of stops you take. The fares and taxes (of which make up a large portion of the cost), are constantly in flux. Some airline alliances cover parts of the globe better than others, so we find its best to start with an open mind on who you should fly with.
Once decided on going round the world, our clients typically will want to squeeze in as many places as possible and produce a wish list. The realistic possibility of your initial plan will need to be reviewed and discussed in depth. This will be based on the time frame you have and most importantly the best season to arrive at the various points. Another aspect are the more exotic and fare flung destinations which are well worth making an effort to visit and stay longer. Compared with places that are more accessible from home, which could perhaps be reasonably easy to visit on a shorter trip at a later date.
We are able to arrange accommodation ; rail travel; English speaking tours and transfers for the whole trip, or just for separate sections if you wish. It is also possible to arrange the air travel at relatively short notice and then add the ground arrangements a month or so in advance as you travel around the globe. We can help with as much or as little of the trip as you wish. By far the best way to start is with a chat, don’t feel you have to write your ‘bucket list’ first.
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