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Costa Rica

Costa Rica with Target Travel. Pre- Covid this was by far the most popular family holiday destination for our clients. One of the misconceptions is that a trip here is all about animals. That is certainly part of the appeal, but only one of the many elements that make this a well-rounded family holiday destination, offering a painter’s pallet of many experiences to bring home. If you’ve done the California Road Trip (JAMES NEED INTERNAL LINK) and enjoyed the variety, then I guarantee you will enjoy this too. A trip to Costa Rica with Target Travel will have the land arrangements supplied by our well-established local agent and we recommend using their private transfer for a more relaxed trip compared with self-drive car hire.

The food is great and super fresh, and people are more worldly than most of the America tourists here. It’s an expensive trip to book and also when there too. On the positive side, everyone speaks English, it’s a very easy destination, so little agro and safe. Perfect temperature, as it hovers around 75 degrees, so it’s not like going to the sweat box that is the Far East. Due to the line of volcanoes along the country’s spine, the weather will vary in different regions at different times. You will get some showers as it’s the tropics, but the almost even temperature is a huge bonus that will only really be appreciated when there. This is a great destination.

It is now very popular as BA flies here daily a few times a week. Post-Covid their schedule is the peak season Nov-Mar only, this may change in 2023/2024? There are other options via Europe or America.

For most people with a family or not, we would suggest something along these lines. Costa Rica With Target Travel would probably involve these elements…

Arrive into San Jose, which is located in the central valley. Then by road and boat out to the east and the Caribbean Sea at Tortuguero. This is not your usual Caribbean beach, this element is rainforest, resorts including wildlife watching boat tours and a big bonus in summer, as it’s the season to see turtles laying their eggs.

Then take a small plane to the central geothermal area, it will be less than an hour door to door compared with 8-10 via road/boat. Here in Arenal, the country’s adrenalin capital, are big waterfalls, walks along lava flows, white water rafting, skybridges and many more things to do. A bonus here is that the hotel resorts have thermal pools to relax in, this is in addition to a swimming pool.

Head across the lake and uphill to The Monteverde cloud forest, it takes a few hours it to get here by boat and road. We would suggest that we arrange a guide to walk with you along the many Sky Bridges up in the cloud forest canopy, there are also some mega zip lines that go in and out of the clouds here too.

The next leg is about three hours away on the Pacific coast. The small resort is an absolute jewel, like a 1960’s California surf town. Machine-like waves make learning to surf a doddle in the delicious warm Pacific water. This is a smashing town, low rise buildings, not many hotels, and plenty of places to eat. Lovely, relaxed and full of character, one of my favourite places. It’s not too developed, but still plenty of places for a good choice of dining. Few people know of it, this is not in any UK brochures. We suggest 5 full days ideally for R&R, you can finish here or go onward?

Manual Antonio is also on the Pacific coast a day’s drive south and a place that’s on most tours to Costa Rica. The hillsides have hotels clinging on, with views out across the pacific. There are also plenty of restaurants. Due to the rugged coastline, few hotels on the beach. There is more rainforest here and be aware it’s the wet season here in mid-summer. There is a fab national park to walk into, loads of animals and beautiful beaches, this is a great day’s outing. We also had a hoot quad biking safari, which also included a walk in a private nature park to go swimming in waterfalls.

South of this is the Osa Peninsula, another big wildlife area with an inland sea for dolphins and whales. For some families that’s too much. Most UK tours do not have R&R on the beach and therefore do include this element. Getting back to San Jose from Manual Antonio is about three hours by road, if coming from Oro Peninsula, then you can fly if you wish.

Costa Rica with Target Travel, to get a perfect balance we suggest a long chat with us to ensure you have the right balance to keep everyone happy.

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