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Indo China

Indo China with Target Travel, our suggestion for an exciting adventure in Vietnam, Cambodia and possibly Laos too. Indo-China is not a place you should be anxious to visit, in fact, it’s a great introduction to the Far East and a great alternative to the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand. It is reached by either a short hop from Bangkok or via the non-stop services from Heathrow to Vietnam, alternating daily between southern Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi in the north. Within the last decade, many of our clients have tried Indo-China with Target Travel, with a varied pallet many experiences

Vietnam has some fascinating cities, some are well-known from the time of the Vietnam War; others are much older, with lots of classical architecture from the country’s cultural past and great shopping. There are also some wonderful beaches, with plenty of top quality luxurious resorts to rival those of Thailand, plus other interesting and good value options too. We are very familiar with the country and will be able to discuss suitable itineraries that fit in with your style of trip, with some relaxation included that will avoid the Russian-dominated resorts. In addition to Vietnam, you can easily add a trip to its more rural neighbour Laos.

If you are considering Indo-China with Target Travel, then we strongly recommended combining Vietnam with a trip to Cambodia and the number one attraction should be the city of Angkor which was hacked out of the jungle in the 50s. This is a vast city complex, with Angkor Wat as the most famous temple. It is like a cross between King Louis’s ruins in the cartoon Jungle Book, an Indiana Jones movie and Tomb Raider, with huge banyan trees that are growing through and intertwined in the temple’s exotic stonework. It is usual to fly into and stay in the modern city of Siem Reap nearby. We have a charming guest house run by the local community with a poolside bungalow (presently still shut due to Covid), but also have a medium-sized hotel with the largest pool in the city and a short walk to the Night Markets as an alternative. In contrast to both and at the other extreme, is the 50’s modernist style former guesthouse of King Sihanouk, for top luxury.

Vietnam is a very long thin country and the weather is usually different in the north, middle and south. The ideal time to visit is Apr-May and Sep-Oct. Avoid the north in Jan-Feb due to fog, especially around Halong Bay. The summer months May-Sep are hot and humid. The newer island resorts in the very south have rough stormy seas in July- Aug.
We would be delighted to chat with you about options for this spectacular trip to Indo-China with Target Travel.

Halong Bay

Hoi An